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Cause Marketing Plus


75% of all brands now engage in cause marketing.[1] Cause marketing allows brands to increase brand awareness and brand engagement by supporting charitable causes. Cause marketing typically leads to increased employee satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Depending on which statistic you believe, somewhere between 40-60% of adult Americans don’t have a will.[2] And that doesn’t include those people whose wills are out of date because their wills no longer reflect their current wishes. If not having a will were a disease, it’d be considered an epidemic.

Cause Marketing Plus

 Is an employee benefit that your firm can offer, with no cost to your firm, that can greatly benefit your employees. The incapacitation or death of an employee or the loved one of an employee can be a traumatic experience, especially if they don't have the appropriate legal documents. The Cause Marketing Plus program not only helps your employees get estate planning documents like wills at a greatly reduced price but it also helps raise funds for your favorite charity.


Benefit Funding is pleased to introduce the Cause Marketing Plus program to help companies offer their employees wills and other legal documents and digital storage at a significant discount while raising funds for their charity of choice.

For more info about the Cause Marketing Plus program please read our white paper available below.

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[1] Source: Harvard Business Review, The Business Case for Purpose, 2015

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